Somogyi Z. – Forest monitoring to promote sustainability in the 21st century

doi 10.4129/2cis-zs-for

Somogyi Z., 2015 – Forest monitoring to promote sustainability in the 21st century. In: Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Silviculture. Designing the future of the forestry sector. Florence, 26.29 November,  2014. Firenze: Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali. Vol. 2, p. 907-912. ISBN 978-88-87553-21-5.

Title: Forest monitoring to promote sustainability in the 21st century

Summary: Forest monitoring programs have to increasingly meet emerging in formation requirements of our changing world. In order for these programs to be useful for sustainability considerations, they should also be based on an appropriate, operational concept of sustainability. However, such a concept and how the sustainability (or unsustainability) of human actions can be indicated are still open issues, and many currently applied indicators are inappropriate measures. The paper outlines a possible definition of sustainability that is based on the quantitative estimation of utilization rates and related environmental capacities. The concept is demonstrated using the example of the global carbon balance and how a sustainable pathway of emission reduction can be indicated. The definition of “forest” also has to be revised by broadening it considerably so that it includes a reference to all products and services that society expects from forests. This, and the fact that the forestry sector has to operate in a globalized world while its effects have also gained global relevance e.g. concerning the global carbon cycle, inevitably require that new information is collected. These include carbon stock changes under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol that must be reported for six forest carbon pools and many land use and land use change categories. These and other recent new monitoring and
reporting requirements have contributed to the rapid improvement of forest inventories, but developing them further is necessary to meet international quality criteria, to only collect useful information, and to ensure that data collection is economically feasible.


Keywords: sustainability, utilization, capacity, forest monitoring, carbon cycle.
Parole chiave: sostenibilità, utilizzazioni, monitoraggio forestale, ciclo del carbonio.

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