Global Change Research Symposium, Ostuni, September 16-18, 2014

Global Change Research Symposium, Ostuni, Brindisi, Southern Italy, September 16-18, 2014.

Concern for ecosystem services and human well-being is one of the most compelling reasons to study the effects of global change, but in order to intervene, policymakers and resource managers need predictions of how humans and ecosystems respond, and recover from, anthropogenic stressors.
This Symposium will bring international leading scientists from relevant fields to discuss the theme of how global change research can support management decisions and interventions that are most urgently needed to mitigate different stressors and protect ecosystem services and human well-being.
Contributions are expected in one or more of the following themes:

  • Coupled human and natural systems (CHANS)
  • Global change ecology
  • Remote sensing of global change
  • Ecosystem modeling and management
  • Green infrastructure and biodiversity
  • Ecosystem services evaluation and policy making

Other contributions of interest are those related with the theory in landscape ecology and natural resource management, providing examples of successful case studies, advanced remote sensing applications (including LIDAR), and comparative analyses world-wide. Website:

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